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We had the opportunity to catch up with one-half of the SmackDown tag team champions

Not more than two years ago, The Usos were the bubbly, energetic cousins of Roman Reigns who painted their faces and tried to get the crowd to chant along with them. However, sometimes the WWE Universe can get tired of certain gimmicks and there’s a clear sign that the refresh button needs to be hit.

The Usos couldn’t be a more perfect example of this. In 2016 after being drafted to SmackDown Live in the re-hashing of the brand split, they turned heel and completely re-invented themselves, gaining the admiration of the WWE universe. The Usos spent a good portion of 2017 as tag team champions on SmackDown Live, where they clearly established themselves as the top dogs of the division.

Now babyfaces, The Usos have continued to pick up some steam, and we had the opportunity to speak to Jimmy Uso himself.

Sportskeeda: What are your thoughts on the Dudley Boyz entering the Hall Of Fame this year, and what did you learn from your rivalry with them?

Jimmy Uso: I think the Dudleyz being inducted into the Hall Of Fame is really cool for me because they were one of the tag teams I grew up watching. I remember the feud with the Dudleyz, the Hardyz and Edge & Christian.

We were four brothers and we would mimic everything they did. To see them while growing up and to actually be in the ring with them? I learned so much from them. I learned some psychology from them. I thought I knew tag team wrestling but I needed to learn more psychology and I learned it from the veterans.

To be in the ring with those guys, it was an honour. It was like being in the ring with the New Age Outlaws. I think it’s awesome, they deserve to be in the Hall Of Fame. Our feud with the Dudleyz was hands down one of the most fun rivalries. A lot of respect for them. Hopefully, they can pass down the 3-D to the Usos. Who knows?

Sportskeeda: In 2017, you and Jey Uso managed to up your game and take it to a whole new level. What do you think it was in the SmackDown tag team division that helped you both do so?

Jimmy: Like I said, I remember watching the tag team division, with The Hart Foundation, LoD (Legion of Doom), The Headshrinkers, the list goes on. I just knew the tag team division was the spot, the only way The Usos can get the tag division rolling. It’s been on fire. I just feel like we’re the best, we’ve amped it up with The New Day, it’s been awesome. Hands down the most fun rivalry I’ve ever been a part of. There’s been rap battles, street fights, Hell In A Cell, Handicap matches, we did everything.

I think it’s helped people see how fun tag team wrestling. My philosophy is this: ‘If there are two guys in the ring, what’s better than two guys? Four guys’.

That’s the way we look at it and thought about it, and that’s how we went after it. The tag team division is hotter than it’s ever been. It’s hotter than the RAW tag team division, I can tell you that much.

Sportskeeda: Have any of you two ever thought about embarking on a singles career down the road? Or do you plan to stick around as a tag team for the foreseeable future?

Jimmy: I don’t know man, never really thought about it. As far as going singles, it really hasn’t crossed my mind, because we have so much more left to do in the tag division. The Usos have so much more to give. People haven’t seen all of us.

Another dream match would be me vs my brother at WrestleMania. I grew up watching Bret vs Owen in a cage match, and they beat the living hell out of each other. I thought it was really cool, what they did. And they’ve been doing that all their lives. That’s the same way I see us whenever we get the chance for that to happen. But as far as a singles run right now, we’re just concentrating on the tag division.

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