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WWE Network Preview: SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bludgeon B...
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The Usos’ long-awaited WrestleMania moment turned into a coronation for The Bludgeon Brothers. Now, Jimmy & Jey are coming to set things straight.

The twin high-flyers will challenge Harper & Rowan at the Greatest Royal Rumble event in Saudi Arabia in a last-ditch effort to combat The Bludgeon Brothers’ recent, unstoppable ascent to the top of SmackDown’s Tag Team division. Harper & Rowan went from dark-horse contenders to two-man wrecking crew in the span of a month. They went from crashing an Usos-New Day title match and wreaking havoc at WWE Fastlane to obliterating both teams in a Triple Threat Match at WrestleMania, earning their first reign as SmackDown Tag Team Champions in the process.

The Usos, whose fight to finally compete at WrestleMania was well-documented, would not be so easily cast aside, however. After defeating The New Day on SmackDown LIVE to earn the right to challenge The Bludgeon Brothers, they go to Saudi Arabia with payback on their minds and the hope that it will be Day One all over again when they return stateside.

Tune in to the Greatest Royal Rumble event to see which team leaves as SmackDown Tag Team Champions on Friday, April 27, at 7 a.m. AST. The event streams live on the award-winning WWE Network with a tune-in time of 12 p.m. ET/9 a.m. PT, with a special, one-hour Greatest Royal Rumble Kickoff starting at 11 a.m. ET/8 a.m. PT. It will be available on pay-per-view outside of the Middle East with regional broadcast information forthcoming, and tickets will be available Friday, April 13.

SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos vs. The New Day vs. The Bl...
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After a long, nine-year journey, The Usos are headed to WrestleMania. Now, the challenge begins.

The SmackDown Tag Team Champions will be defending their titles against not one, but two tag teams just as hungry as Jimmy & Jey — The New Day, who traded victories with the twins over 2017’s already-legendary series between the tandems, and The Bludgeon Brothers, who have never competed at WrestleMania as a tag team but whose rebirth has already made them a force to be reckoned with on Team Blue.

The championship match first came about when The New Day won the right to once again challenge The Usos for the titles at WWE Fastlane. As that rivalry began to regain steam, Harper & Rowan waited in the wings until they finally struck during the edge-of-your-seat title bout, decimating both teams and sending Xavier Woods to the hospital. The Bludgeon Brothers continued their onslaught the next week, defeating the only medically cleared members of The Usos and New Day — Jimmy Uso and Big E — and using brute strength to position themselves for a title match.

Given that The Usos and The New Day have a grudge to settle against the behemoths (and each other), it’s now a matter every team for themselves, and this one may not come down to who hits what move so much as who is physically left standing when the dust finally settles.

Tune in to WrestleMania to see who leaves as SmackDown Tag Team Champions, streaming live Sunday, April 8, on the award-winning WWE Network at a special start time of 7 ET/5 PT!

Jimmy Uso On How Teaming With Roman Reigns Led To A Heel Turn
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WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champion Jimmy Uso spoke with the Independent about various topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Interest in tag teams:

“I feel like tag team wrestling has been in the shadows for a while. When my brother and I debuted in WWE, we knew that if we wanted to make a mark here we’d have to run the tag division, and last year we finally had a chance to really open up and come around to us. It’s on fire and, right now, I still feel like tag team wrestling is growing because there are a lot of teams down in NXT that haven’t come up to the main roster yet, and a lot of teams out there doing their thing in independent wrestling and people who haven’t made their mark here yet or are trying to get here. When you’re trying to be the best tag team in the world, you’re looking and watching everywhere, and there’s a lot of talent that haven’t even been seen or had their chance.”

Turning heel in 2016:

“I think that was the people’s call – the [fans] called that. When we were with Roman Reigns we were getting booed, but then the boos stayed with us. So, we were like ‘Why are we coming out here trying to show our heritage and trying to high-five everybody if they don’t like us?’ For us it was a case of ‘Well, we don’t like you, either! I think that helped us. They gave us the [heel] turn and said, ‘It’s your time, what do you want to do?’ When we said what we wanted to do, we knew we had to deliver and I feel like we did deliver, and the people have got with us, which is cool. Going from something good to something better is hard to do, but while I knew we were climbing, I didn’t know we’d get to where we’re at now. From the good Usos with the face paint, we were climbing that mountain and we’re at the top of the tag team division now – that’s just what it is.”

WWE’s Jimmy Uso admits tag team champions’ reinventi...
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Jimmy and Jey Uso enjoyed a remarkable 2017 as they staked a legitimate claim to be the best tag team in the world.

The WWE SmackDown Champions have been on a roll ever since ditching their face paint and babyface routine in the autumn of 2016.

Recast as cocky street thugs, from June onwards last year the twin brothers repeatedly stole the show at pay-per-views in an epic feud with The New Day.

The classic rivalry grew from a promising start at Money in the Bank and Battleground to a match-of-the-year contender on the SummerSlam pre-show.

And by the time it ended in a stunning Hell in a Cell match in October, the Samoan duo reverted to faces due to the undeniable adoration of the crowd.

They will defend their titles against The New Day again at Fastlane on March 11, in a match which could also feature Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable.

Whether they make it to Wrestlemania 34 as champions remains to be seen, but they deserve a place on the show’s main card for the first time in their careers.

If they do, Jimmy (real name Jonathan Fatu) and Jey (Joshua Fatu) could even one day surpass the legacy left by their father, WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi (Solofa Fatu).

Jimmy, 32, from San Francisco, California, invited the Mirror to The Uso Penitentiary and talked about the roots of their acclaimed run on SmackDown LIVE.

Lots has been said about the reinvention of the Usos, a transformation that began in late 2016. It feels like you’ve perfected the entire package – your look, theme music, ring work and promos. It’s all come together. How much input do you have in that process, like adopting new ring gear or selecting a new entrance song?

That’s all us. I mean it, when you see this whole reinvention, that is every bit of me and my brother. It’s so funny because the ring work has never changed. That’s always been there. Our gear, literally, we wear that outside of the ring. That’s how I dress. Even with the baseball cap, I’m always having a cap on. And I just felt it was me to wear a cap out there. It’s little stuff like that to make us, us. That’s what that was. That’s how people found out we were real and they followed that and they could adapt to that. Everything is us, from the gear to the black and white, baseball caps to the shoes – I wore those same shoes I do when I’m wrestling – I wore them at high school. I wore those same shoes in high school. So when I’m telling you that’s the Usos, that’s the Usos.

As far as our ring music, we was dying to go and hop on that track. We heard John Cena on his entrance music, I remember The Rock being on his entrance music, I just thought that was really cool and added a whole lot more personality to them, personally. So what you see out there, that’s 100% The Usos.

I think people can feel that, definitely. Talking about your promos, on the February 6 edition of SmackDown we saw one of the best of your career, spelling out how 2017 was a pivotal year for The Usos and talking about what lies ahead in 2018. You both seem more comfortable on the microphone – what would you put that down to?

If you ever noticed through my whole career, since I’ve been here, we never, ever talked on the microphone. If you go back and watch the feuds with Roman [Reigns] and Dean [Ambrose], the babyface Usos with the paint, we never talked. And to me it was… mind boggling. I was always asking. We knew to be successful in this business, you got to do your thing inside the ring and you got to do your thing on the microphone. We wasn’t given the chance to do it on the microphone until we got to turn heel and even like the first six months, we wasn’t talking until we were like asking them and saying ‘we got something to say’.

Finally it was our segment to say something after a match and there it went – that happened. And the next week we got a promo. And then the next week we got a promo. And then the next week we got a promo. They liked what we were saying and the way we were saying it, because it’s real, so ‘we’re going to keep doing this’. So it’s funny man, it wasn’t like we were talking about the wrong stuff, we just never got the chance to talk.

Your feud with the New Day last year was fantastic. At Fastlane we get to see you go at it again, in what could perhaps become a triple threat, with Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin. What do you think Gable and Benjamin bring to the table and how excited are you to get to renew this feud with The New Day and freshen it up ahead of WrestleMania?

I don’t know man, to me I feel like that’s something you got to ask Shelton and Gable. Ha ha. I know what we’re bringing to the table. These other tag teams have got to bring everything they’ve got to table to get on our level. The New Day, that feud right there – classic. Classic man. There was a rap battle in there and I ain’t never seen a rap battle done that way in the WWE. Yeah I’ve seen John Cena spit a couple of freestyles to Kurt Angle and stuff like that, you remember when he was the Doctor Of Thuganomics? But I ain’t never seen a rap battle like that though. I just thought that was fun man.

Shelton and Gable, they are a real technical tag team, but they are new together so they still got a whole lot to learn about each other. But Gable is lucky he has Shelton in his corner, because Shelton was a mentor of mine before I started – he trained me at Booker T’s school [in Houston, Texas]. Gable is in good hands, I can vouch for that. I’m actually anxious to see what happens to Shelton and Gable man because that tag team right there, is the tag team to look out for, definitely.

You can watch The Usos in action at WWE FastLane live on Sky Sports Box Office and the WWE Network, on March 11.

Tag team special: Jimmy Uso and Luke Gallows discuss WWE’s thr...
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Tag team wrestling has been brought in from the shadows, according to some of WWE’s top stars.

Some of the industry’s biggest tag team names live long in the memory of fans, with the likes of The Legion of Doom, The Nasty Boys, The Hart Foundation, The Hardys and Edge & Christian all very fondly remembered.

And the present-day WWE product is enjoying something of a boom in its tag scene after a relative slump. After seeing singles competition dominate screens for much of the late noughties and early 2010s, some of sports entertainment’s best weekly action comes in the form of tag bouts.

The Usos and Gallows & Anderson are two teams sitting near the top of the tag team picture, with the latter being former Raw tag team champions and The Usos, as reigning tag champs on Smackdown Live, are regarded as the best team of their generation.

As part of a look at the tag genre, The Independent spoke exclusively to Jimmy Uso and Luke Gallows as they looked back at the history of tag teams, their own respective fortunes and what the future holds.

Where the present day and the right here, right now is concerned, it’s clear to Uso at least that the these are vibrant, thriving times for the likes of he and his brother as they continue to rule the roost both between the ropes and on the microphone when it comes to entertaining fans. There is, though, plenty more to come.

“I feel like tag team wrestling has been in the shadows for a while,” the 32-year-old said.

“When my brother and I debuted in WWE, we knew that if we wanted to make a mark here we’d have to run the tag division, and last year we finally had a chance to really open up and come around to us.

“It’s on fire and, right now, I still feel like tag team wrestling is growing because there are a lot of teams down in NXT that haven’t come up to the main roster yet, and a lot of teams out there doing their thing in independent wrestling and people who haven’t made their mark here yet or are trying to get here.

“When you’re trying to be the best tag team in the world, you’re looking and watching everywhere, and there’s a lot of talent that haven’t even been seen or had their chance.”

Gallows clearly concurs on the present state of play, adding: “I think the tag scene is hotter right now than I have probably ever seen it in my entire career and this is my 16th year in the business.

“We have some of the best tag teams we’ve ever had in the history of WWE and you can tell that by the quality of the matches as well; I think it is at an all-time high right now.

“It’s highly-entertaining stuff with great teams, some of them who’ve been together for a while and who are highly-seasoned – it makes for a very entertaining product.”

Undoubtedly, tag team wrestling is something of a specialism. Whereas so much of wrestling’s action pits sole good guy and against lone bad guy, the multi-man format sees teams competing against one another, from two-on-two to all manner of permutations.

The Usos were handed Match of the Year in 2017 by Rolling Stone Magazine for one of their many efforts against The New Day – no mean feat when you consider the stunning year had by singles competitors like AJ Styles and The Miz.

So, in their eyes, how do the styles compare?

Jimmy went on to say: “When I was growing up, the tag division was on fire and I remember watching The Hart Foundation, The LOD, The Headshrinkers – the list goes on.

“I knew the tag division was the only way The Usos would ever start to make some noise.

“Our feud with The New Day is the best rivalry and the most fun I’ve ever been a part of and it’s really helped people see how much fun tag wrestling can be.

“My philosophy is, if you’ve got two guys in the ring; what’s better than two guys? Four guys. The match will be way more exciting and that’s how we see it and how we all talk about it.”

Gallows is an accomplished veteran and someone who, uniquely, also has singles experience. He echoed those sentiments by saying: “Tag team wrestling is an art form and it is one of the purest in all of sports entertainment. I really enjoy it and I have spent a lot of my career as a tag team wrestler.

“My partner Karl and I complement each other very well; he’s smaller and agile and is a great technician, and I back that up with power so it is a nice blend and I enjoy that.”

The Usos are a rare species in many respects. Graduates of the old FCW developmental territory of WWE, the pair made their main roster debuts some eight years ago.

They wrestled much of their early years in the spotlight as the ‘good guys’, or fan favourites. In doing so they became incredibly popular, attaining championships and wining the Tag Team of the Year award on consecutive occasions in 2014 and 2015.

It was a little bit of a surprise and something of a risk, then, when on the back of a storyline that saw them paired with polarising Roman Reigns, the decision was made to turn them into heels – antagonist bad guys.

Such a switch and repackaging of characters is usually reserved for those who’ve failed to connect with the audience in any respect or a gimmick that has bombed out – so a far cry from the successful run the Usos had already enjoyed to that point.

But the pair have risen to the challenge and blown it out of the water – already eclipsing the accomplishments of their previous incarnation, and even managing to bring the fans back onside whilst doing it thanks to their perpetual performance levels.

For Jimmy, it was a case simply of listening to the audience. When asked about the turnaround, he revealed: “I think that was the people’s call – the [fans] called that.

“When we were with Roman Reigns we were getting booed, but then the boos stayed with us. So, we were like ‘why are we coming out here trying to show our heritage and trying to high-five everybody if they don’t like us?’ For us it was a case of ‘well, we don’t like you, either!”

“I think that helped us. They gave us the [heel] turn and said, ‘it’s your time, what do you want to do?’

“When we said what we wanted to do, we knew we had to deliver and I feel like we did deliver, and the people have got with us, which is cool. Going from something good to something better is hard to do, but while I knew we were climbing, I didn’t know we’d get to where we’re at now.

“From the good Usos with the face paint, we were climbing that mountain and we’re at the top of the tag team division now – that’s just what it is.”

His confidence isn’t without basis. Uso, who is married to fellow WWE superstar and whose father is Hall of Famer Rikishi, a star of the Attitude Era in wrestling from the late 1990s and early 2000s.

But while The Usos sit atop of the tag team tree at present and Gallows & Anderson regularly shine on Monday Night Raw, there are a string of tag teams waiting to come and claim the limited spots available to wrestling talent to strut their stuff.

As Uso had noted; The Undisputed Era, The Authors of Pain and the Street Profits are just three of the teams in NXT waiting for their call-ups, while the independent circuits are full of untapped talent.

Who catches the eye? Jimmy added: “It’s all of them, actually – I remember being down there and just being hungry and trying to get [to the main roster]. The tag teams in NXT are making their mark, doing their thing and getting ready for us.

“I’m excited because I know after Wrestlemania there are going to be some changes, some switches, some call-ups and some let-gos – and I’m ready.”

Gallows looks at the topic of the future a little differently. He and Anderson are members of the famed and popular Bullet Club – a clique of wrestlers dotted around the world, including current WWE Champion AJ Styles.

Other ‘members’ include Former WWE star Cody Rhodes, currently kicking up an absolute storm in Ring of Honour while the likes of Kenny Omega is one of the biggest names in New Japan.

It’s no surprise that 34-year-old Gallows would relish being reunited with some of those names further down the line – stressing you need to succeed in WWE to really lay claim to greatness in the industry.

“I’d love to have Leo Tonga and Bad Luck Fale,” he admitted, when pressed on the Bullet Club point. “I’d love to see the Young Bucks come over. The Bullet Club has unbelievable talent all around the world, there’s no denying it.

“There’s Finn Balor, AJ Styles, Karl Anderson and myself in WWE right now and the guys who are competing in other parts of the world – we would welcome them all here in WWE.”

Perhaps fittingly, though, when given our last word to discuss potential future opponents for he and Anderson inside the squared-circle of WWE, Gallows had one name right at the top of his list.

“I’d love to get in the ring with The Usos again,” he admitted. “When we first came to WWE we went right into a feud with them and I thought we had great matches with them.

“There are a lot of good teams [on Smackdown Live] but The Usos would be the one team I’d really want to mix it up with again right now – they are a hot act.”

Luke Gallows joins his partner Karl Anderson and The Usos as part of WWE Wrestlemania in April, available on WWE Network, and on a tour of the UK and Europe in May. For full details visit wwe.com.

Interview: Jimmy Uso talks about Dudley Boyz Hall Of Fame induct...
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We had the opportunity to catch up with one-half of the SmackDown tag team champions

Not more than two years ago, The Usos were the bubbly, energetic cousins of Roman Reigns who painted their faces and tried to get the crowd to chant along with them. However, sometimes the WWE Universe can get tired of certain gimmicks and there’s a clear sign that the refresh button needs to be hit.

The Usos couldn’t be a more perfect example of this. In 2016 after being drafted to SmackDown Live in the re-hashing of the brand split, they turned heel and completely re-invented themselves, gaining the admiration of the WWE universe. The Usos spent a good portion of 2017 as tag team champions on SmackDown Live, where they clearly established themselves as the top dogs of the division.

Now babyfaces, The Usos have continued to pick up some steam, and we had the opportunity to speak to Jimmy Uso himself.

Sportskeeda: What are your thoughts on the Dudley Boyz entering the Hall Of Fame this year, and what did you learn from your rivalry with them?

Jimmy Uso: I think the Dudleyz being inducted into the Hall Of Fame is really cool for me because they were one of the tag teams I grew up watching. I remember the feud with the Dudleyz, the Hardyz and Edge & Christian.

We were four brothers and we would mimic everything they did. To see them while growing up and to actually be in the ring with them? I learned so much from them. I learned some psychology from them. I thought I knew tag team wrestling but I needed to learn more psychology and I learned it from the veterans.

To be in the ring with those guys, it was an honour. It was like being in the ring with the New Age Outlaws. I think it’s awesome, they deserve to be in the Hall Of Fame. Our feud with the Dudleyz was hands down one of the most fun rivalries. A lot of respect for them. Hopefully, they can pass down the 3-D to the Usos. Who knows?

Sportskeeda: In 2017, you and Jey Uso managed to up your game and take it to a whole new level. What do you think it was in the SmackDown tag team division that helped you both do so?

Jimmy: Like I said, I remember watching the tag team division, with The Hart Foundation, LoD (Legion of Doom), The Headshrinkers, the list goes on. I just knew the tag team division was the spot, the only way The Usos can get the tag division rolling. It’s been on fire. I just feel like we’re the best, we’ve amped it up with The New Day, it’s been awesome. Hands down the most fun rivalry I’ve ever been a part of. There’s been rap battles, street fights, Hell In A Cell, Handicap matches, we did everything.

I think it’s helped people see how fun tag team wrestling. My philosophy is this: ‘If there are two guys in the ring, what’s better than two guys? Four guys’.

That’s the way we look at it and thought about it, and that’s how we went after it. The tag team division is hotter than it’s ever been. It’s hotter than the RAW tag team division, I can tell you that much.

Sportskeeda: Have any of you two ever thought about embarking on a singles career down the road? Or do you plan to stick around as a tag team for the foreseeable future?

Jimmy: I don’t know man, never really thought about it. As far as going singles, it really hasn’t crossed my mind, because we have so much more left to do in the tag division. The Usos have so much more to give. People haven’t seen all of us.

Another dream match would be me vs my brother at WrestleMania. I grew up watching Bret vs Owen in a cage match, and they beat the living hell out of each other. I thought it was really cool, what they did. And they’ve been doing that all their lives. That’s the same way I see us whenever we get the chance for that to happen. But as far as a singles run right now, we’re just concentrating on the tag division.

SmackDown Live Preview: What’s Next For The Usos
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Jimmy & Jey Uso showed why they are the top tag team on SmackDown LIVE at the Royal Rumble event, pulling off a clean sweep victory over Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match to retain their SmackDown Tag Team Titles.

With the mat-wrestling mavens in their rearview mirrors, what is next for The Usos? Will another team step up to enter the Uso Penitentiary?

Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin to challenge SmackDown Tag Te...
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SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos will defend their titles against Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin next Tuesday on SmackDown LIVE.

Gable & Benjamin earned the opportunity by defeating The New Day and Rusev & Aiden English in a thrilling Triple Threat Match on the Dec. 26 edition of SmackDown LIVE. There’s no love lost between these two teams. Gable & Benjamin felt they have been owed a rematch for the titles since their last opportunity in November. On that night, the mat wrestling mavens were victorious by count-out, thus they did not leave with the titles. Benjamin & Gable also scored a pinfall victory over the champions in non-title action on Team Blue on Dec. 19.

Who will leave the first SmackDown LIVE of 2018 with Team Blue’s tag team titles? Find out next Tuesday at 8/7 C on USA Network!

Exclusive interview: The Usos talk reinvention, rap battles, mis...
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As The Usos wrapped up their career-best year, we sat down with Jimmy & Jey to ask them about a couple of their matches and turns on the mic for our year-end lists. They had a few other things on their mind.

Like how they’ve never been on a WrestleMania. Or a SummerSlam, for that matter. Like how hard it was to get their hands on a microphone even after two Tag Team of the Year Slammys, and how they only had 30 seconds to show they could deliver on the opportunity they demanded. Like how shows suffer from putting them on the Kickoff instead of the main event. But most of all, they wanted to talk about how they reinvented themselves by just being themselves, and left the tag team division in the dust in response.

In fairness, they’re not wrong. By any measure, this was the greatest year of their careers, the one that finally showed everyone what they were capable of. Few would question The Usos’ abilities at this point, to say nothing of their creativity or placement among the top echelon of WWE tag teams, if not Superstars as a whole. So why isn’t that enough for them?

WWE.COM: Let’s start with SummerSlam. You had one of the best matches of the year against The New Day on the Kickoff show, but did you feel slighted that you weren’t featured on the main card?

JIMMY USO: [Long pause] Hell yeah, we felt slighted. You grind to get on these shows. One of the biggest pay-per-views of the year is SummerSlam. We had one of the hottest rivalries of the year with New Day going into SummerSlam. So to be put on the Kickoff was a slap to all our faces. Me, my brother and The New Day. We did our thing.



JEY USO: All year we been doin’ our thing, like my brother said. Hottest rivalry in the game. A tag team rivalry. The Usos and The New Day. We done killed Battleground. What else we kill, Uce?

JIMMY: Money in the Bank.

JEY: Money in the Bank. The next one was Hell in a Cell, but to put us on the Kickoff show? The Usos and The New Day on the Kickoff show, especially The Usos, when you know we deliver every single night, man. We delivered. And, all of a sudden, we got half a house full, Uce.

JIMMY: To be on a Kickoff at 5 [p.m.], and the fans aren’t even in their seat? Our mindset is, we’re gonna make sure this will be the hardest match to follow. And yeah, they messed up by putting us on first, but we ain’t got no choice but to do it. But to make this match a hell of a tag team match, to make this match a hell of a title match, to make this match a hell of a match period … we almost hurt the show, you know what I’m saying?

WWE.COM: You changed up your whole style this year, especially the way you deliver on the mic. Tell us how that new approach came about.

JIMMY: As far as change goes, we needed it. We had a good run with the painted-up Usos. The colors, doing the Siva Tau was cool, showing the Universe our heritage. But you start to feel it when it’s time for a change. If you don’t adapt and evolve, you will get left behind in this business. We knew it was time to change. The people knew it was time to change. But this change was solely for me and him. Put our feet down. “Hey Uce, this is what we’re gonna be. This is us, and if they don’t like it, the hell with them.”



JEY: We say what’s on our mind, Uce, and people are gonna listen. They wanna listen. Our whole [persona] right now is The Usos. It is me and him 100 percent. If you ran into us at a Walmart or a Publix, you are gonna get what you see on TV.

JIMMY: That’s what makes it more unique. People get drawn to it. When we talk, you wanna listen. You wanna hear. You’re stuck to the screen. You wanna hear what comes out of our mouth. Like brother said with delivery, we’re twins. We’re twinning. We’re winning because we’re twinning.

WWE.COM: It’s been a strong year for tag teams across the board. Where do The Usos fit in to that picture in 2017?

JIMMY: I feel right now that we are the team that the other teams try to get on our level. I feel like we passed New Day. New Day has been the cream of the crop forever. But after this [year], if we’re not right by ‘em, we passed ‘em. That’s off just grinding, and where we come from, grinding is everything. The traveling. Finding out what gear you gonna wear, how you’re gonna look, what you gonna say. If they give you 30 seconds, you better find something relevant to say in 30 damn seconds because that’s what we did. That’s where the paranoia line came from.

WWE.COM: Tell us about that. It was the first night we really got to see you talk.

JIMMY: We never got to talk. One day we just kept pushing and asking and asking and asking, and they go, “Usos, you got 30 seconds.” Thirty seconds. Now, what the hell do we say in 30 seconds that’s gonna make it relevant or get people to go, damn, that was dope. Like Austin. “Austin 3:16 says I just whupped your a**.” When he said that, everybody got it. That whole day, Uce, let ‘em know. For a few hours, we were pacing trying to figure out what to say. Brother came up with it.

JEY: And it came from just stop worrying about it, stop walking on eggshells, stop feeling like we’re stuck or restrained.

JIMMY: “They need to be worried about us. They need to stop being paranoid and start worrying about The Usos.” Bam. Wait a minute …

BOTH: It’s not paranoia, it’s The Usos.

JIMMY: I got goosebumps right now just thinking about it. We said that within 30 seconds against American Alpha right after their match. We go there, we cut the line. Next TV, I told brother, if we don’t have the mic live in the ring, they didn’t like us. If we do, the office liked what we said. Next week going to SmackDown, what do we have?

JEY: Live mic in the ring. That’s the one that opened up like, whoa, the boys can talk. Damn right we can talk. Come on, man.

JIMMY: Now they start pushing the mic, giving us the mic. Now we’re going, “OK, let’s play with this. You rapid fire, I follow,” this twining thing, the way nobody’s ever done. I ain’t never seen it. And I’ve watched wrestling for a long damn time.

WWE.COM: You guys had a big opportunity to put that style to the test in your rap battle with The New Day. Talk to us about that.

JEY: Far as the rap battle, that had never been done. We was a little nervous about it, because it’s out of our element. But it was different too.

JIMMY: You should have seen the buildup the week prior to that rap battle. It was a bunch of negativity on the internet, [but] if you watch SmackDown LIVE that day, the rest of the show could have been the rap battle. Nothing else could have followed that. It was entertaining, it was raw, it was gritty, and it was us showing the world a whole ’nother way of what The Usos can do, not just in the ring wrestling. Ain’t nobody touching it.

JEY: Nobody touching it. Nobody touching the promo game, nobody touching us in the ring, nobody touching us on style, nobody touching our theme music. There is no one on our level right now, man. Check the resumé. We done put the work in. We won the titles against The New Age Outlaws. We won against The Dudley Boyz. We won against The Shield, man. The Wyatt Family. The New Day. Our resumé runs long. Check the rap sheet.

WWE.COM: You’ve had all this success, the fans are responding to you, but like you said, some of these major events are still just beyond your grasp. Do you feel like there’s any escalating pressure at this point to deliver with that hanging over your heads?

JIMMY: There’s two major shows The Usos ain’t never, ever, ever been on. The two biggest shows in WWE. One, SummerSlam. The other one?

BOTH: WrestleMania.

JEY: Always Kickoff. Always get there, always get right there but never on there. I feel like we’re doing everything we’re supposed to do and then some. There’s gonna be a time when you can’t hold us back no more. There’s gonna come a time people are gonna want The Usos. Put us on the big stage man, the main card, the WrestleMania card we deserve to be on. You know what hurt me most? I’m sitting back last year watching WrestleMania. I see three, four other tag teams in the match. Me and my brother been here the longest. Been putting in work for the longest. All of a sudden I see a tag team that ain’t even a real tag team. This other tag team just got here. What’s the deal with that? I don’t know, and I really don’t care. Why? Because I know they can’t stop us. The cream rises to the top, Uce. And me and my brother? We’re the cream.

WWE.COM: WrestleMania season is about to come up. Do you think this is finally the year you break through?

JIMMY: This is it, Uce. If we don’t make it to WrestleMania this year? Stick me on a damn halftime show, man, just put me on the damn card!

JEY: Let the people vote or something, man. We deserve to be on that damn card. Pick the opponent; we don’t care what it is.



JIMMY: We grind to get on WrestleMania. Year after year after year you wanna be the team to get there. You wanna be the main movie. Not the previews of the movie. This year it needs to happen, because I know we’re hotter than ever, we’re better than ever, people like us more than ever.

JEY: Best shape ever.

JIMMY: We’re taking it serious, Uce. We want everybody to know we’re serious about it. And it’s all coming out of love, too. We’re barking, but we ain’t biting, you know? This is all out of love, here.

JEY: Let us in, before we kick it in.

JIMMY: Just lettin’ em know. Ain’t nothing gonna change on this end. And if they decide to put us on SummerSlam Kickoff again next year? Guess what? We’re gonna do it again. We’re gonna hurt the show. And if they put us on WrestleMania Kickoff again next year? We’re gonna kill it again. They can try to hold us down, but we’re gonna turn up.

SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos vs. The New Day vs. Shelto...
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During a night where every title is on the line, SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos will defend the gold in a Triple Threat Match at WWE Clash of Champions on Sunday, Dec. 17, streaming live on WWE Network.

There is no love lost between Jimmy & Jey Uso and Kofi Kingston, Big E & Xavier Woods. Though the two teams seem to have developed mutual respect, they were recently engaged in one of the most heated rivalries in history, punctuated by a brutal match contested inside the horrifying confines of Hell in a Cell that saw Jimmy & Jey win the titles. And while they may respect the twins, The New Day will undoubtedly hold nothing back in their quest to become five-time Tag Team Champions.

And then there’s Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable, the mat-wrestling mavens who defeated The Hype Bros, Breezango & The Ascension to earn a title opportunity against The Usos. Benjamin & Gable went all-out in their pursuit of the SmackDown Tag Team Titles in a championship bout several weeks ago, with Gable taking out the knee of Jey Uso to give his team a win by count-out – so they did not win the titles. However, after claiming a win over Jimmy & Jey, the grapplers believe that they are entitled to a championship rematch. They’ll get their opportunity at WWE Clash of Champions.

Who will leave Boston with the SmackDown Tag Team Titles? Find out on a night where every championship is on the line at WWE Clash of Champions, streaming live Sunday, Dec. 17, at 8 ET/5 PT on the award-winning WWE Network!

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