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Match #2: The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von) vs. The Usos (Jimmy & Jey)
Jimmy & Bubba will kickoff the action, Bubba with his usual trash talk at the bell, he kicks Jimmy in the abdomen instead of locking up, launched him hard into the turnbuckles, then pummels him in the ribs. He shoots Jimmy to the ropes, Jimmy ducks a back elbow, avoids a clothesline, looks for a crossbody, but misses the mark. Bubba charges at him and gets caught in multiple arm drags, Jey gets a tag and comes off the top with an elbow to the shoulder, then regains the wristlock. Bubba flattens him with a clothesline and tags out, D-Von hammers Jey in the corner with right hands, shoots him across and follows it, Jey hops up and over, then drops him with an uppercut. He drives D-Von back into his corner and holds him there, Jimmy tags in and charges with a running forearm, The Usos line him up for a double superkick, Bubba runs in to help out, but squashes his own partner. D-Von falls to the outside, Bubba gets clocked by a double superkick and rolls to the floor, The Usos holding the ring as we go to a break….

We come back and The Usos with a double back elbow to D-Von, follow with a double elbow drop, they knock Bubba off the apron, Jey heads up top as the referee gets Jimmy back to the apron, Bubba seizing the opportunity to crotch Jey on the top turnbuckle. D-Von takes control now and drops Jey with a big right hand, the crowd wants tables, Bubba drops to the floor and feigns going for one under the ring, earning himself a number of boos. D-Von whips Jey to the ropes for a spinning back elbow, chokes him on the middle rope, Jey tries to fight back, but gets flattened by a clothesline. Bubba re-enters the match and clobbers Jey with heavy shots, squashes him with a splash for a count of 2, sticks him with left hand jabs, Jey goes for a kick and gets caught, but brings the other leg around for an enzuigiri that misses. D-Von tags back in and comes off the top for a diving headbutt, Jey rolls out of harm’s way, finally makes it to his brother to tag, Jimmy coming in with clotheslines for D-Von, then decks Bubba on the apron. He keels D-Von over with a kick, cracks him with an uppercut, hits the Samoan Drop and then measures him in the corner.

Jimmy runs in, gets elevated to the apron, lands on his feet, decks D-Von with another uppercut, climbs upstairs and scores with a crossbody for a near fall. He whips D-Von to the ropes for a back body drop, Bubba makes a blind tag, D-Von hits Jimmy with a kick and The Dudleys connect with 3D II, Bubba covering, but still can’t put it away. He makes a tag back to D-Von and calls for 3D, Jey slides in and lays Bubba out with a superkick, drops D-Von with one, Jimmy goes to the high rent district and hits the Uso Splash for the win.
Winners: The Usos (Jimmy/Uso Splash)

Credit: Top Rope

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The Usos vs. The Ascension

Viktor battles it out with both Jimmy and Jey, and gets handled for the first several minutes of the show as we head to a commercial break. We come back to see Konnor beating down Jey Uso, with Viktor joining in, double teaming the Uso brother with strikes. They tease Jey tagging Jimmy, but The Ascension keep cutting him off.

Jey hits a jawbreaker and gives Viktor a back body drop before tagging Jimmy. Jimmy hits what is technically a Samaon Drop (more like a Samoan toss) on Konnor and hits Viktor with an enziguri. The Usos deliver 3 superkicks and an Air Uso to Konnor for the win.

Winners: Usos via pinfall (Air Uso)

Credit: Wrestling Inc