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With the WWE Draft coming up, The Usos, like many other Superstars are wondering where they will end up. They don’t care because they can get Uso Crazy anywhere.

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WWE Live: Madison Square Garden Results 7.16.16
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The Usos defeated Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. The crowd was really into the match.

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Main Event 7.15.16
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Six Man Tag-Team Match:
The Usos (Jimmy & Jey) & Cesaro vs. Alberto Del Rio & The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von)

Bubba starts off with Jimmy. Bubba dominates early on. Jimmy hits a cross body and tags his brother Jey. Bubba clotheslines Jey and tags in D-Von. Jey gets the upperhand and tags in Jimmy. D-Von punches Jimmy in the face and Irish whips him into the heel corner. Jimmy attacks Bubba and Del Rio prior to kicking D-Von in the face. Jimmy attempts a move off the turnbuckle, but Del Rio throws him off and into a clothesline by D-Von in the ring as we head to commercial.

Del Rio has a headlock applied Jimmy Uso. Del Rio maintains control as Jey tries to interfere but strikes his brother instead by mistake, and then pulls him closer to the babyface corner. D-Von is tagged in. D-Von tags Bubba Ray in as they hit a flapjack on Jimmy. Bubba punches Jimmy several times. De Rio gets tagged in and hits a kick to the face of Jimmy in the corner. Jimmy sends De Rio to the outside. Jimmy crawls towards his corner, but the Dudleyz drag him back to their corner with Del Rip then tagging in Bubba Ray. Bubba punches Jimmy before Jimmy kicks him in the face. Bubba tags D-Von as Jimmy tags Cesaro in. Cesaro clotheslines D-Von, prior to hitting a boot to the face of Del Rio, sending him off the apron. Cesaro then hits a drop kick on D-Von. Cesaro flips Bubba to the mat after he attempts an attack. Bubba Ray and D-Von end up in opposite corners of the rind and Cesaro hits them both repetitively with running uppercuts. Bubba Ray slides out of the ring as Cesaro hits another upper cut on D-Von prior to pinning him for a two count. Cesaro goes for the swing but Del Rio hits him with a back-stabber. Uso hits Del Dio with the superkick before Bubba Ray hits him with a boot to the face. Bubba Ray sets Cesaro up for the “What’s Up” move but gets a superkick to the back of the head with Cesaro rolling through and setting Bubba up for the same move. Cesaro yells “whassup!!” as D-Von gets pushed off the turnbuckle hitting Bubba with their own signature move. The Usos hit a double superkick on D-Von prior to hitting suicide dives on opposite sides of the ring on Bubba Ray and Del Rio. Cesaro hits he Cesaro Swing on D-Von. Cesaro then locks in the sharpshooter and eventually taps out as the baby faces celebrate to end the show.

Winners: Cesaro & The Usos (Jimmy & Jey)

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Raw July 11th
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Full Set Of Digitals Here

Jey Uso tries to eliminate Jimmy Uso but he hangs on. They both eliminate D-Von. We go to commercial.Back from the break and Bubba drops one of the Usos while Miz and Maryse kiss on commentary. Bubba eliminated Jey.Swagger with the Patriot Lock on Uso. Corbin eliminates Uso and Swagger.

*Video will be up soon

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SmackDown: July 7th
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Check out the full set of digitals Here

Seth Rollins & Jey Uso Segment:

Rollins is walking into the arena. Rollins runs into Jey Uso. Rollins mentions that the Samoan Dynasty has been missing in action with Roman’s suspension. Jey says that Rollins talks too much. Rollins calls Jey a joke. Rollins says that Jey’s family is a joke, his cousin is a embarrassment and his father is remembered for a finishing move called the “stink face”. Jey says that Rollins shouldn’t be so cocky when he’s the one that lost the WWE Championship in two minutes. Jey challenges Rollins to a match.

First Match: Seth Rollins vs. Jey Uso

Dean Ambrose was the special guest ring announcer for this match. Bell rings and Rollins applies a side headlock. Rollins drops Jey with a shoulder tackle. Jey responds with a hip toss and a deep armdrag. Jey applies a armbar. Rollins drives Jey to the corner. Rollins stomps on Jey’s chest. Jey drops Rollins with a uppercut. Jey follows that up with a back suplex. Rollins with a boot to the face of Jey. Rollins with a back breaker for a two count. Ambrose gets on the microphone and says that the WWE Universe can get a Dean Ambrose T-Shirt and a Seth Rollins Ice Cream Bar, but be careful because it taste like crap. Jey with a rolling crucifix for a two count. Jey connects with a flying crossbody. Jey clotheslines Rollins over the top rope.

Jey follows that up with a suicide dive. Jey rolls Rollins back into the ring. Jey lands a series of knife edge chops. Rollins send’s Jey face first to the second turnbuckle pad. Rollins with a flying knee to the back of Jey. Jey is sent crashing to the outside. Rollins rolls Jey back into the ring. Rollins with a running forearm for a two count. Rollins applies a rear chin lock. Rollins with a neckbreaker. Rollins climbs to the second rope. Ambrose distracts Rollins by saying that a member in the WWE Universe car is parked in a towing area. Jey goes for a Samoan Drop, but Rollins counters with a enziguri. Standing switch and Jey finally connects with the Samoan Drop for a two count.

Jey goes for a running stinkface, but Rollins ducks out of the way. Rollins goes for the Pedigree, but Jey counters with a roll through. Rollins tries to drop Jey with a axe kick, but Jey counters with a superkick. Jey goes for the Uso Splash, but Rollins gets his knee’s up in the air. Rollins plants Jey with the Pedigree to pickup the victory. After the match Ambrose finally announces that Rollins is winner of this match. Ambrose gets in the ring. Rollins storms out of the ring. Ambrose said that he was there to raise his hand, but Rollins is not buying it. Ambrose says that he’s going to raise his championship title up in the air when he defeat’s both Rollins and Roman Reigns at WWE Battleground

Winner: Seth Rollins

*Video will be available soon

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Smackdown July 7th
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Jimmy and Jey Uso have sort of resurfaced on WWE TV this week. We haven’t seen much of them since the WWE Tour but they are slowly coming back. The Uso Crazy nation would love to see them in a feud. Personally the feud they had with The Dudley Boyz didn’t do much and I thought it could have been better. What is in store for the twins as they come upon the WWE Draft? What will they get into on Smackdown?

Alert! Spoilers Below

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WWE Superstars July 4
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The Usos have been seen very rarely the last couple of weeks, but that all changes this week when they compete on WWE Superstars. While fans, look to see them on the main shows, we have to be grateful that they have a match this week. What is next for the brothers, only WWE knows the answer.

Alert! Spoilers Below

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WWE Live: From Hawaii To Japan
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The Usos have rarely been on WWE TV as of late, but the duo soon showed up in WWE Live from Hawaii. To say things were #UsoCrazy is an understatement. This was The Usos very first time performing in Hawaii.

RESULTS: The Usos defeated Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Mega reaction for The Usos during their entrance and at various points during the match. Great tag team action here.

After coming off of an amazing high energized performance, Jimmy and Jey headed to Japan for a two-night event.


RESULTS #1: WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day retained over Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, The Vaudevillains and The Usos in a Fatal 4 Way. Good reaction for The Club returning to Japan, lots of New Day fans.

Click on photo for full set of Digitals

RESULTS #2: John Cena and The Usos defeated AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson in an entertaining match. After the match, Cena cut a good promo and got the crowd to give it up for The Club and what they’ve done in Japan.


For Full Candids from Night 2 click on the photo

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10 Most Exciting Tag Teams
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They say “Uce,” you say … well, “Whoa,” most likely, when you catch these aerially-inclined Samoans taking to the skies, a blur of torn tassles and war paint streaking toward whatever Superstar they’ve claimed as their target. A model of perseverance and drive, Jimmy & Jey toiled through the doldrums for years to build themselves into the kind of perfectly-synchronized, impossible-to-emulate tag team that ran the roost for years. Even as more boisterous duos came onto the scene, The Usos hung tight, claiming an upset Slammy Award for Tag Team of the Year in 2015. They simply can’t be stopped.


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Smackdown – June 23rd
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Full Set of Digitals are available HERE

The Club is backstage and they clown on the Usos. Styles promises if Jimmy Uso faces A.J. Styles, the Club won’t get involved. Styles gives his “wordski.” The Usos fake a handshake and laugh at the Club.

A.J. Styles (w/ The Club) vs. Jimmy Uso (w/ Jey Uso)

Styles thwarts Uso at every turn before slamming his head into the ring apron while trying to get a count out win. Uso fights back after an extended beat down, and looks like he’s trying to tag his brother, but it’s a singles match. Uso finds a home for a pop-up Samoan drop. The Club attack Jey Uso, and Jimmy flies over the ropes to his brother’s rescue. AJ jumps over the top rope onto both Usos, then finishes Jimmy off with a Phenomenal Forearm.

Winner: AJ Styles via pinfall (Phenomenal Forearm)

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