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Raw was taped tonight in London, England. The Usos were eliminated from the tag team tournament by the new main roster recruits The Vaudvillians.

Results by: PWMania

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Tag Team Tournament Match: The Usos vs. Curtis Axel and Heath Slater

We go to the ring and out come The Usos. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and the Social Outcasts are out. Curtis Axel starts out with Jimmy Uso and they go at it. Uso takes control early on and tags in Jey Uso for a big shot off the top. Axel hits a running knee to the head and unloads with kicks before Slater comes in. Slater with a suplex as Adam Rose plays tot he crowd. Slater wastes time and covers for a 2 count. Slater with stomps in the corner now.

Axel tags back in and keeps control of Jey. Axel keeps Uso grounded in the middle of the ring with a headlock now. Uso gets up but Axel nails a dropkick. Slater comes back in with more offense and another tag to Axel for quick moves in the corner. Slater with a close 2 count on Jey. Slater and Axel go to the floor for a victory lap around the ring with Rose and Bo Dallas. Jimmy Uso tags in and Slater gets rolled up for the win while the Out

Winners: The Usos

After the match, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson come over the barrier and hit the ring. They take out The Usos in the ring and on the floor, leaving them laying after a vicious beatdown. They’re backed away by officials and leave back over the barrier as fans cheer. Gallows waves bye back at the ring to taunt The Usos.

Credit: PWMania

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Tables Match: The Usos vs. The Dudley Boyz

We go to the ring and out comes The Usos first. The Dudley Boyz are out next as we see the tables set up outside of the ring.

The bell rings and both teams go at it. The Dudleyz take it to the floor where tables are. Bubba Ray Dudley launches Jey Uso into a table but it doesn’t break. Jimmy Uso takes control of D-Von Dudley. Jey and Bubba come back in the ring and go at it now. Bubba dodges a superkick and drops Uso with a boot. Jimmy comes in, Bubba talks trash and then slams him. Bubba holds Uso as D-Von goes up top for the big headbutt. Bubba calls for D-Von to get the tables, then says “screw you” and goes to the floor to get them. A play off their Hall of Fame speech? The Usos recover and dropkick both Dudleyz on the floor as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and D-Von is trying to superplex an Uso through a table but it’s blocked. Uso rocks Bubba and positions him on the table but he rolls off. Uso nails a Superfly splash anyway on the mat. More back and forth and back to the floor. The Usos both jump off the barriers and take The Dudleyz down. They bring it back in the ring and place The Dudleyz on top of tables as fans boo. They go back to the tops for splashes in-stereo but The Dudleyz move and The Usos crash through the tables. They ring the bell and announce the winner early. D-Von grabs one of The Usos and throws him through a table in the corner for the win.

Winners: The Dudley Boyz

– After the match, Bubba yells about the early bell.

Credit: PWMania

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The Usos vs. The Dudley Boyz

We come back and The Usos make their way out to a pop. Pyro hits next as The Dudley Boyz come out to a pop also.

The bell rings and they go at it. The Dudleyz take quick control and it comes down to D-Von Dudley in control of Jimmy Uso. D-Von beats Uso around and covers for a 1 count. Bubba Ray Dudley tags in and talks trash while he beats Uso around, yelling about Rikishi. Bubba works Uso around the ring and says he’s going to take his time beating the hell out of Uso. Bubba pays tribute to WWE Hall of Famer Stan Hansen but Uso takes advantage and nails a superkick. Jey Uso gets the tag and nails an enziguri, then a Samoan Drop. Uso’s trunks pay tribute to uncle Umaga.

The Dudleyz turn it around and hit the “what’s up” headbutt. Bubba actually calls for the tables and fans pop. The Usos drop them with superkicks. The Dudleyz take back control. They wait for a 3D but The Usos take them out with more superkicks and cover D-Von for the pin.

Winners: The Usos

– After the match, The Usos go to celebrate but The Dudley Boyz attack and lay them out. They go under the ring and bring tables in. They set the tables up but take double superkicks. Fans boo. The Usos put The Dudleyz on top of the tables and go to the top. Fans are still booing as they hit Superfly splashes through the tables. That does get a pop and their music hits as we go to replays.

Credit: PWMania

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Second Match: Jey Uso w/Jimmy Uso vs. D-Von Dudley w/Bubba Ray Dudley

Jey with a series of right hands to the gut of D-Von. Jey with a clothesline that sends D-Von over the top rope. Jey drives D-Von back first to the barricade. Jey rolls D-Von back into the ring. D-Von sends Jey shoulder first to the steel ring post. Bubba with a vicious right hand to Jey from the outside. D-Von with a chin lock with Jey’s neck under the middle rope. D-Von steps on Jey’s shoulders. D-Von with a spinning shoulder tackle. Jimmy and Bubba argue on the outside.

Jey with clubbing forearm to the back of D-Von’s neck. D-Von with a body slam to Jey. D-Von goes for the What’s Up Spot, but Jey rolls out of the way. Jey with a series of clothesline to D-Von. Jey with a superkick to the midsection of D-Von. Jey drops D-Von with the Samoan Drop. Jey connects with the running stinkface for a two count. Jimmy with a flying clothesline to Bubba off the steel ring steps. Jimmy goes for a top rope superplex, but D-Von sends Jey face first to the top turnbuckle. D-Von with the RDS to Jey to pickup the victory.

Winner: D-Von Dudley

Credit: Wrestle Zone

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Match Number Three: Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso versus Konnor and Viktor

Jey and Viktor start things off and Viktor with a forearm to the back followed by punches but Jey with punches of his own. Konnor tags in and he hits Jey from behind. Viktor with a running knee to Jey. Konnor with a leaping elbow drop and he gets a near fall. Konnor with a reverse chin lock. Konnor with a knee and Irish whip but Jey moves and Konnor hits the turnbuckles.

Viktor and Jimmy tag in and Jimmy with a clothesline and thrust kick. Jimmy with an uppercut. Viktor escapes the Samoan drop but Jimmy with a dragon whip followed by a running butt splash. Jimmy and Jey with a double super kick to Konnor followed by a double super kick to Viktor and Jimmy gets the three count.

Winners: Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso

After the match, the Usos go under the ring and they pull out a table.
We see Bubba and D-Von watching from the back on the monitor.

The Usos pull out a second table and they put Konnor and Viktor on a table. Jimmy and Jey go up top and they hit frog splashes through the tables.

Credit: PWMania.com

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After the match, D-Von joins in and they beat Truth down until Goldust runs out for the save. He goes at it with Bubba and then D-Von. The Dudleyz take back control until The Usos run out. They go at it with The Dudleyz in a preview of their WrestleMania 32 match. The Dudleyz get dropped with superkicks. The Usos go under the ring and bring a table in. They stand the table up and lay D-Von on top of it. They go up for Superfly Splashes but Bubba pulls D-Von to safety as fans boo. The Usos’ music hits as The Dudleyz retreat and Bubba talks more trash.

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Credit: PWMania

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In recent weeks, WWE bore witness to all sorts of domination by The League of Nations, and it continued on SmackDown against The Usos. Though the high-octane Samoan warriors were able to take down the entire League by diving outside the ring in the height of the action, Sheamus had enough presence of mind to lift his knees and block Jimmy’s Samoan Splash from the tope rope — before finishing him off with a devastating Brogue Kick.

But the carnage didn’t stop there. As the dust cleared, The Dudley Boyz emerged to deliver a brutal post-match assault on their war-paint-wearing adversaries. While Bubba Ray and D-Von did not use the table they brought into the ring, they did admit to lying when they told The Usos not to take their onslaught personally.

Winners: League Of Nations

Credit. WWE.com

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Digitals                    ScreenCaptures

Tag Team Match: The Usos vs. The Social Outcasts (Curtis Axel and Adam Rose) The Usos make their way out first pumping up the crowd as they do every week. The Usos are 2x Slammy Award winners, although Lilian Garcia said Grammy Award winners. This mistake has broken twitter with actually Grammy winners photos with The Usos head edited on them.

Match Start: Jey Uso and Curtis Axel start. Heath Slater jumps on the ring apron to distract Jey Uso so that Curtis Axel gets the upper hand. Axel hits Jey from behind and begins holding onto the ropes as he stomps on him. He then hits Jey in the midsection. While Jey is down, Axel continues to stomp on him until he is in his corner and tags in Adam Rose.

Adam Rose comes in and while Axel is holding on to Jey, he climbs on the top rope and jumps close to Jey’s head. Rose covers for a two count. Things get a little out of hand and that’s when Jimmy Uso enters the ring, but the referee stops him. Adam Rose hangs Jey on the rope and puts his knee in the back of his neck. When Jey gets loose he begins to fight back. Giving Rose slaps to the face. Rose stops that and knees Jey in the abdomen. Rose drags him to the corner and clotheslines him twice.

Curtis Axel tags back in. Axel takes Jey and puts his knee in the back of his head while Jey is on the ropes and talks trash to him. While the referee is distracted, Slater grabs Jey by the hair and slaps him in the face. Jimmy again tries to go over, but the referee stops him. Axel kicks Jey in the face, Jey goes down and Axel covers and gets a two count. Axel continues his assault on Jey with a chokehold. Jey breaks loose but Axel hits him with a drop kick. Axel goes to his corner, dragging Jey with him, and tags in Rose. Rose puts his foot in Jey’s back while talking trash to Jimmy. Then he places Jey in a sleeper hold.

Jey fights out and does a spinning type kick and gets Rose off his feet.

Jey finally gets to his corner to tag in his brother Jimmy. Jimmy comes in and goes to work. Letting punches and superkicks fly. Axel tried a top rope maneuver but Jimmy caught him mid air with a superkick. The Usos are pumped up, Rose tried a punch and missed. Jimmy slapped him in the face and both brothers superkicked him down. Jey went to the top rope and splashed Rose for the three count.

Match Result: The Usos win

After the win, The Uso celebrated as they know how by dancing.

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