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In recent weeks, WWE bore witness to all sorts of domination by The League of Nations, and it continued on SmackDown against The Usos. Though the high-octane Samoan warriors were able to take down the entire League by diving outside the ring in the height of the action, Sheamus had enough presence of mind to lift his knees and block Jimmy’s Samoan Splash from the tope rope — before finishing him off with a devastating Brogue Kick.

But the carnage didn’t stop there. As the dust cleared, The Dudley Boyz emerged to deliver a brutal post-match assault on their war-paint-wearing adversaries. While Bubba Ray and D-Von did not use the table they brought into the ring, they did admit to lying when they told The Usos not to take their onslaught personally.

Winners: League Of Nations

Credit. WWE.com

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Second Match: Jimmy Uso w/Jey Uso vs. D-Von Dudley w/Bubba Ray Dudley

Bubba grabs a mic and says that the WWE Universe want’s The Dudley Boyz to grab a table and put someone through it. Bubba says that’s not going to happen because they’re not a circus or a nostalgia act. Bubba says that they are the 9 time WWE Tag Team Champions and that makes them better then everybody. D-Von says that the Dudley Boyz don’t care about anybody’s opinions because they are going to do what they have to do by anything means necessary to become the greatest tag team of all-time whether people like it or not.

Bubba says that the WWE Universe can take their tables and chants and shove it. Jimmy with a uppercut to D-Von. Jimmy connects with a enziguri. Jimmy goes for the corner running stinkface, but D-Von counters with a boot to Jimmy’s face. Jimmy with a superkick to D-Von. Jimmy goes up to the top rope. Bubba grabs a table from under the ring. This distracts the referee as Jey goes after Bubba. Bubba knocks Jimmy off the top rope. D-Von rolls Jimmy up to pickup the victory.

Winner: D-Von Dudley

Credit: Wrestle Zone