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Ross is 14 years old. He was born medically complex, he is developmentally delayed and has spent the last two years in foster care. He’s a huge WWE fan and has a dream to one day meet some of his favorite wrestlers.

“I really want to see how the inside of the tour bus looks. And I’m gonna get their autographs, shake hands, take pictures,” Ross said.

Unfortunately, his body and mind are failing fast and there isn’t time left for him to go and fulfill that dream. But with one text message to a good friend with connections, Channel 3’s Sue Straughn was able to bring the dream to Ross. Some special visitors are just outside Ross’ front door.

Scott Armstrong is a former wrestler and currently is a referee and producer for WWE.

“When I got that text message, it was an easy text back,” Armstrong said. “And then the next thing I did was text my boys, the Usos. It was no, no hesitation. “

The Usos, Jimmy and Jey, are WWE superstars and Pensacola sons, were in the house.

Jey Uso said this was a request they could never have turned down.

“Buddy, Scotty Armstrong asked us if we could come do this,” Jey said. “It was hands down easy. It was no question. “

Once Ross could contain himself, they gave him gifts, then it was time for the photo ops and talking smack, as in, SmackDown! But the surprises weren’t over, Jimmy Uso got his wife,Naomi on Facetime. She’s a WWE Diva.

Hearing that he was a Sasha Banks fan, Scott Armstrong, that “friend with the connections,” was quietly getting Sasha on the phone. Seeing her left Ross searching for his voice.

Jimmy Uso said seeing the joy is what it’s all about.

“This tops any, any WrestleMania, any Raw, any SmackDown, any pay-per-view that we do,” Jimmy said. “It’s all about this right here. See how he’s just chilling, this is what it’s about right here.”

While the doctors say any day now, Scott and the Usos have made this the best day of Ross’ life.

Scott says it’s one of his best days too.

“It’s truly worked out today, that’s for sure,” Armstrong said

Credit: ABC 3

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The “new era” in WWE started in WWE this summer, but for The Usos it really began in the build up to Backlash when they turned heel by attacking American Alpha.

While twin brothers Jimmy and Jey Uso have been one of WWE’s best tag teams in the last five years or so, they became stale. Fans liked them during their initial run to the top. However, after hearing “when we say uce…you say oh” so many times it got old. In the last year or two, they started to get booed. That’s why WWE’s creative team on the Smackdown Live brand deserve a lot of credit for having them turn heel after the brand split took place.

It sounds simple, right? If a face act isn’t getting cheered as much or if a heel isn’t getting booed as much, they should change the character. Just because it makes sense doesn’t mean WWE is willing to do it.

There are many instances on the current WWE roster where the company is so stubborn about keeping somebody in a certain role that they won’t change that person. Does The Usos cousin Roman Reigns ring a bell?

Reigns should have turned heel in the spring of 2015 when the crowd completely rejected him. The Usos could have turned heel with him doing the same sort of thing they are doing now. Instead, Reigns continued in the face role and he’s still getting booed well over a year later.

The fact that The Usos have turned heel, completely changed their look, changed their mannerisms and ditched the face paint shows that they are fully committed as bad guys that Smackdown’s tag team division can build around. Unlike every other team on WWE’s Smackdown brand, they have credibility as two-time Tag Team Champions.

At WWE Smackdown’s next pay-per-view No Mercy, which takes place on October 9, The Usos will challenge Heath Slater and Rhyno for the gold. As the new champions, it might make sense to have Slater and Rhyno retain the titles. However, they are really just a short term team that WWE put together to pay off the “Heath Slater needs to win to earn a contract” storyline. Now that the story is past that angle, they shouldn’t have the titles.

What’s the main tag team feud going to be on Smackdown long term? The Usos vs. American Alpha. There’s no rush to put the titles on American Alpha, but if the Usos win the titles in October and hold them all the way to Wrestlemania 33 then it will mean more when American Alpha wins.

When The Usos faced American Alpha on the September 20 edition of Smackdown, it was a nice tease of what these teams can do. The Usos worked so well as crafty heels that worked on the injured leg of Chad Gable. They took advantage of every opportunity presented to them in the match and ended up taking Gable out of the match. Later in the match, Jason Jordan tried to win for his team, but he couldn’t get the job done. The Usos ended up double teaming him for the win, which again showed their vicious side as well as their intelligence.

By putting The Usos in the No Mercy Tag Team Title match, WWE is telling the audience that The Usos are ready to ascend to the top of Smackdown’s tag team division.

If The Usos turn has taught us anything it’s that there’s a lot of untapped talent on WWE’s current roster. Sometimes all it takes is a tweak of a current of a current performer or team. The Usos are proof that change can be very good and at No Mercy, they’ll have the gold to prove it.

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Full SD Live Digitals

Last week, the question of whether Chad Gable had returned too soon from his knee injury, suffered at the hands of The Usos, was answered when Jimmy and Jey used the injury to steal the No. 1 contender spot away from American Alpha. This week, it was déjà vu.

The Usos yet again targeted the Gable’s knee, rendering the f…
Although American Alpha and the SmackDown Tag Team Champions fought with valor, the numbers game ultimately proved to be too much to overcome, as The Usos then targeted Slater’s knee, with Jey viciously stomping it and then Jimmy applying the Tequila Sunrise submission hold for the win via tapout.

Credit: WWE

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Full Set Of Digitals

There is a long, unfortunate history of young and promising athletes dealing with injury bugs that they were never quite able to shake — Ken Griffey Jr., Greg Oden, Robert Griffin III and many more. Let’s hope the recently medically cleared Chad Gable does not fall into that same category … but there is reason to believehat maybe the New Era star came back too early from his knee injury.American Alpha fought with valor against The Usos, but it was clear that Gable had rushed back from his Uso-caused injury that eliminated them from title contention several weeks ago. Jimmy & Jey targeted the former Olympian’s knee, essentially eliminating him from the match, and Jey was able to defeat Jordan with the Samoan Splash to have The Usos become the new No. 1 Contenders for Heath Slater & Rhyno’s SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

Credit: WWE

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Full Set of Digitals

In a rematch from their Second Chance Challenge at Backlash, which saw the new look Usos defeat The Hype Bros after Jimmy & Jey viciously targeted Zack Ryder’s knee, one thing was very clear — Ryder and Mojo Rawley were not only hyped tonight, they were also pretty darn angry.

In the contest’s waning moments, The Usos continued with their newfound aggressive streak, first with Jimmy raking Mojo’s eyes and then Jey finishing Rawley off with a Samoan Splash from the top rope to get the victory.

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Full Set Backlash Digitals

Second Match: The Usos vs. The Hype Bro’s in a Second Chance Match in the Tag Team Tournament for the Inaugural SmackDown Tag Team Championship

Jey Uso and Rawley starts off this match. Rawley gets into a three point stance trying to play mind games with Jey. Rawley connects with a back bodydrop. Jey rolls out of the ring. Rawley connects with a hip toss. Ryder tags himself in. Rawley with a bodyslam to Jey. Ryder follows that up with a slingshot senton. Jey drives Ryder into the corner. Jey tags in Jimmy. The Usos double teams Ryder. Ryder drops Jimmy with a facebuster. Ryder with a series of forearms to Jimmy. Ryder with a wrecking ball dropkick to Jimmy. Ryder connects with a missile dropkick off the ring apron. Rawley drops The Usos with a running shoulder block. Ryder rolls Jimmy back into the ring. Jimmy kicks Ryder in the gut. Jimmy tags in Jey. Jimmy drives Ryder shoulder first into the steel ring post.

Jey drops Ryder with a short-arm clothesline on the outside. Jey lands a knife edge chop. Jey goes for a pin attempt, but Ryder kicks out at the count of two. Jey tags in Jimmy. Jey with a backbreaker to Ryder. Jimmy follows that up with a leaping headbutt. Jimmy with a snap suplex to Ryder for a two count. Jimmy applies a rear chin lock. Jimmy with a spinning round house kick to Ryder. Jimmy with a uppercut to Ryder. Jimmy tags in Jey. Jey connects with a running hip attack. Usos with a clubbing blow to the back of Ryder. Jey headbutts Ryder for a two count. Jey goes back to the rear chin lock. Jey goes for a vertical suplex, but Ryder counters with a hangman’s neck breaker.

Jey tags in Jimmy. Jimmy with a leaping lariat that sends Rawley crashing to the outside. The Usos continues to double team Ryder in the corner. Jimmy with a side headlock to Ryder. Jimmy with a headbutt to the back of Ryder’s head. Ryder sends Jimmy over the top rope. Ryder tags in Rawley. Rawley with a series of running shoulder blocks. Rawley follows that up with two Stinger Splashes. Rawley launches Jimmy to the outside. Rawley plants Jey with a Military Press Slam. Jimmy drags Rawley out of the ring. Jey and Ryder battle for position on the top rope. Ryder connects with a Frankensteiner. Jimmy sends Rawley shoulder first into the barricade. Ryder with a double knee strike to Jey. Jimmy distracts Ryder from the outside. Jey chop blocks Ryder. Jey follows that up with a dropkick to the back of Ryder’s knee. Jimmy gets Ryder in a single leg crab and Ryder taps out.

Winner: The Usos via Submission

Sixth Match: The Usos vs. Heath Slater & Rhyno for the Inaugural SmackDown Tag Team Championship

Slater and Jimmy starts off the match. Slater with a series of right hands to Jimmy. Slater with a leaping lariat to Jimmy. Jey tags himself in. Slater with a drop toe hold into a front facelock. Slater tags in Rhyno. Slater and Rhyno with a double team back elbow to Jey. Rhyno with a running shoulder tackle to Jey. Jey kicks Rhyno in the gut. Rhyno tags in Slater. Slater kicks Jey in the ribs. Jey with a short arm clothesline. Slater with a series of right hands to Jey. The Usos double teams Slater on the outisde. Jey with a thrust kick to the midsection of Slater. Jey tags in Jimmy. Jimmy goes for the pin, but Slater kicks out at the count of two. Jimmy lands a knife edge chop. Jimmy tags in Jey. Jimmy with a snap mare. Jey with a running boot to the face of Slater. Jey with a diving clothesline. Jey applies a rear chin lock. Jey headbutt’s Slater. Jey tags in Jimmy. Jimmy launches Slater back first into the corner.

Jimmy with a back breaker to Slater. Jimmy tags in Jey. Jey with a flying axe handle to the gut of Slater. Jey launches Slater back first into the corner. Jey connects with a back suplex for a two count. Jey applies a half nelson chin lock to Slater. Jey continues to create separation from Slater and Rhyno. Jey drives Slater into the corner. Jey tags in Jimmy. Jimmy with a flying lariat to Slater in the corner. Slater ducks a clothesline from Jey. Slater and Jey knocks each down with a double crossbody. Jimmy and Rhyno are tagged in. Rhyno clears the ring. Rhyno with a flying shoulder block to Jimmy. Rhyno follows that up with a corner spear. Rhyno with a side belly to belly suplex to Jimmy. Rhyno goes for the GORE, but Jimmy sends Rhyno face first into the second turnbuckle. Slater tags himself in. Slater with swinging neck breakers to both Jimmy and Jey. Slater plants Jimmy with a leaping DDT. Slater goes for the pin, but Jey drags him out of the ring. Jimmy superkicks Slater. Rhyno GORES Jimmy. Slater scores the pinfall to pickup the victory.

Winner: New SmackDown Tag Team Champions Heath Slater & Rhyno

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Full Set Of Digitals

There is a longstanding logic in the NBA that a young team, no matter how talented, simply cannot win a championship before facing some real adversity. Keep that in mind.

American Alpha and The Usos went at it in this semifinals match of the SmackDown Tag Team Championship Tournament. Jimmy and Jey Uso were clearly looking to prove why they were the standard-bearers of the tag team division for years now, while Jason Jordan and Chad Gable were aiming to show why they were straight up ready to snatch that flag and run with it like they were the Team USA Basketball team on a fast break.

After a sudden attack by The Usos right as the bell rang, Jordan and Gable ultimately prevailed by hitting Grand Amplitude within the first minute or so of the match for the victory.

Much like the late ’80s Chicago Bulls and the mid-90s Orlando Magic, however, possible adversity struck. The Usos, typically the face-painted symbols of valor in the division, uncharacteristically (and savagely) ambushed American Alpha after the match when extending their hands for a handshake, specifically targeting Gable’s knee. The Usos held Gable in a submission hold and then connected with a Samoan Splash on his prone leg.

The attack left the former-Olympian in clear distress.

Credit: WWE

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Full Set of Digitals

Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan In-Ring Segment

Shane and Daniel made a promise that they were going to give everyone an opportunity. Let’s start off with the women’s division. The six women they were fantastic at Summerslam. Each women on the SmackDown Live roster are all championship caliber. Daniel wants to know which one will be the first Smackdown Women’s Champion. Shane announces that for the first time ever there will be a six pack challenge for the inaugural SmackDown Women’s Champion. The tag team titles will be also crowned at Backlash. Daniel says the tag titles are near and dear to his heart. There will be a Tag Team Tournament that will culminate at Backlash. Heath Slater interrupts the party and he has something to say. Slater came this close the last two weeks to get a Smackdown contract. In the last two weeks, you have taken it from him. Why not do this. Let’s bygones be bygones.

How about we give Heath a chance to be Michael Phelps and put some gold around his waist? Daniel says that Heath is not equipped to challenge for the Women’s Title. Heath mockingly laughs at Daniel and he tells Daniel he is not a woman. Heath says he is talking about the tag team titles. Shane says that Heath is not equipped to challenge for the title. You are not on the roster, and if you were, you don’t have a tag team partner. Heath says he can go in the back and guarantee that he can find someone to stand by his side. Heath says he guarantees that they will enter the tournament and win. Daniel tells Heath he can find a partner by the end of the night, they will find a team to add next week to make it an eight team tournament. Shane says the only way Heath gets a Smackdown contract is to win the tournament. Heath says they will not regret this and he will find a partner by the end of the night. AJ Styles comes out and he complains about the ship that Daniel and Shane are running. Ziggler attacks Styles from behind. Shane tells the male roster to break up the brawl.

Second Match: The Ascension vs. The Usos in a First Round Match in the Inaugural WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship Tournament

Ascension attacks The Uso’s before the bell rings. Konnor elevates Jimmy for a knee off the turnbuckles from Viktor. Konnor clotheslines Jimmy for a two count. Konnor sends Jey crashing to the outside. Konnor with a flying shoulder tackle to Jimmy. Viktor goes for the pin attempt, but Jimmy kicks at the count of two. Viktor rakes the eyes and he chops Jimmy. Viktor with another knife edge chop for a two count. Viktor tags in Konnor. Konnor with a leg drop for a two count.

Konnor applies an nerve hold. Konnor sends Jimmy into the turnbuckles. Jimmy connects with the sunset flip for a two count. Jimmy with a dragon whip and both men are down. Viktor and Jey are tagged. Jey with a crossbody for a two count. Jey with a thrust kick. Jey goes for a uppercut, but Viktor counters with a backslide for a two count. Jey with a Samoan Drop and then he goes for the running hip splash but Konnor with a pounce. Jimmy super kicks Konnor and follows that up with a suicide dive. Jey superkick’s Viktor. Jey tags in Jimmy. Jimmy with the Uso Splash to pickup the victory.

Winner: The Usos

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After weeks of taking a backseat to the American Alpha hype train, The Usos reasserted themselves by earning the decisive pinfall in SummerSlam Kickoff’s opening 12-Man Tag Team Match. So why aren’t they smiling?


The win should, by any indication, have been a windfall moment for Jimmy & Jey, the longest tenured duo of a SmackDown Live Tag Team division that is almost entirely comprised of tandems that were formed in WWE NXT (Breezango being the sole exception). American Alpha has been by far the most heralded of the bunch, and the two-time WWE Tag Team Champion Usos were claiming as recently as last week that they weren’t quite ready, willing or Gable to cede the driver’s seat of the division.

So it’s understandable that the Slammy Award-heavy twins used this 12-Man Tag Team Match as an opportunity to make a statement, especially after Alpha scored the deciding pinfall in a similar content a few days earlier. They did so after a bout that erupted into chaos rather quickly, with each tandem looking to position themselves as Team Blue’s top team. At one point, The Ascension had cleared the ring until American Alpha sent them packing, and Aiden English of The Vaudevillains (who had taken the fateful Grand Amplitude on Tuesday) single-handedly neutralized both grapplers.

When the action resumed, Zack Ryder was left to the mercy of Breezango, The Ascension and The Vaudevillains, who attempted to isolate the WrestleMania 32 miracle man from all 11 of his would-be saviors. After taking an artillery’s worth of offense, Ryder finally managed to land a neck breaker on Konnor and reach Jimmy Uso, who was quickly stopped short by Tyler Breeze. Enter Jason Jordan, who delivered suplexes left and right until each Superstar rushed the ring to attack anyone and everyone who stood in his path.

When the dust cleared, Jordan and Gable managed to catch Simon Gotch in Grand Amplitude, only Jey Uso tagged himself in right before Gable could complete the maneuver. Jey swooped in with a Frog Splash to steal the pin for himself, clearly marking his territory for the benefit of anyone who may have forgotten.

So, perhaps the reason he wasn’t smiling was because he felt The Usos had to prove themselves all over again. Perhaps the reason Alpha wasn’t smiling was that it came at their expense.

Credit: WWE

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The SummerSlam Kickoff just got much bigger.

In a return match from Tuesday’s SmackDown Live, The Usos, American Alpha & The Hype Bros will meet Breezango, The Ascension & The Vaudevillains in a gigantic 12-Man Tag Team Match on Sunday’s Kickoff.

The six duos lit up the blue brand earlier this week with a jaw-dropping bout that ended in victory for The Usos, American Alpha & The Hype Bros after Jason Jordan & Chad Gable connected with Grand Amplitude against The Vaudevillains’ Aiden English. Now, the 12 Superstars gear up for round two at The Biggest Event of the Summer.

SmackDown Live’s dynamic Tag Team division goes head-to-head in a furious 12-Man Tag Team Match.

SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan previously indicated that the vacuum left by championships lost to Raw during the Brand Extension Draft — presumably, WWE Tag Team Titles included — will be filled in the not-too-distant future. Could a strong performance on the Kickoff put one or more teams in the catbird seat as Team Blue’s upper management contemplates plans for the Tag Team division?